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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 19, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 o'clock, bitter cold night around the region will turn into a brutally cold morning at the bus stop. and it's what could be hanging around the corner that's got a lot of people talking tonight. the temperatures not the only thing dropping. gas prices hit a new low in parts of the region, but how long will it last? and it's done deal. eagles confirm they have hired doug pederson as the team's new head coach. tonight we have reaction as we await pederson's official intro
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duke. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight witness bitterly cold start to the week and the possibility of a major snowstorm bite weekend. >> meteorologist kate bilo has a lot to talk about. she joins us with the current frigid temps and more on this potential storm. kate. >> jessica and ukee a slow start to winter but winter now unleashing its wrath upon the area. it is brutally cold outside right now. temperatures only in the teens at the moment. 18 degrees in philadelphia. 15 right now in the reading area. eight up in mount pocono and 17 in millville. but you have to factor in the wind. the wind plays such a role in this kind of a night and this how it feels outside when you factor in the wind chill. two in philadelphia. feels like 11 below in mount pocono. feels like one in allentown and only one in atlantic city. it feels subzero in reading and in lancaster as well. that's what you'll wake up to. feeling like 10 below to five below in the poconos. early tomorrow morning the lehigh valley feeling sue sorry row. the city and suburbs feeling like single digits. so this is going to be very cold
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air when the kids head off to the bus stop. you may want to start the car early. take the kids out wait in the car for that bus to k it won't be the best morning to be outside. we do have this potential friday into saturday for a major winter storm. this storm will work its way up the eastern seaboard it all depends on the track of that storm. we will get fresh cold air from the north and west. lots of moisture from the south and those could combine to create a significant snowfall up and down the eastern seaboard from portions of virginia back into west virginia, right up through new england this weekend again late friday into saturday. coming up i'll have the latest information just coming out about this storm and we'll tell was to expect as we head toward the weekend for now jessica over to you. >> kate, thanks so much with the storm on the way many people head to the gas staying to fill up. as gas prices across the region continue to fall drivers are loving it. four bucks a gallon now a distant memory. but for how long? "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in bellmawr tonight with some answers and some happy
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drivers. david? >> reporter: jessica, very happy drivers tonight. i have to tell you nobody is even thinning about the days of three, $4 gas but tonight it's cold and the beautiful thing in new jersey you don't have to get out of the car in turnersville people were paying $1.47 for gas and it is related to what's going on on wall street. it's the lowest we've seen gas prices in the delaware valley in years. >> i physical was if it gets any cheaper, start getting spoiled. >> reporter: but many drivers are already spoiled and the prices are not a fluke. this station in turnersville is selling regular for $1.47. and so are four more in the same town. >> i think it's awesome. i found it on app i had on my phone. so i specifically drove here for it. >> reporter: the reason, the price of oil is dropping and fast. the closing bell friday didn't bring much confidence to consumers. at one point in the day, the dow
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drops up more than 500 points. >> average investor who probably shouldn't check your 401k right now it will put in you a bad mood. >> reporter: financial experts say the key is to ride things out and not to panic when the opening bell ring tomorrow morning. still you can expect the gas prices to stay low for now. >> it's hard to say when we'll see those prices really start to climb. >> jim is with aaa mid atlantic and tells "eyewitness news" his office is all right expecting to see new local gas rice record. average press for a gallon of gas is $1.90 down from thee .68 in june of 2014. >> this is really supply and demand and there's a glut, there's plenty of crude oil out there. that's why the prices are so l low. >> i can i don't understand how it was three, $4-gallon a couple years ago. how can they afford to pro due it now. what changed? >> reporter: what's changed the price of a barrel of oil. in june 2014 we were talking $107 a barrel. on friday, just under $30 a
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barrel. be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. reporting-tonight in bellmawr, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". david, thanks so much. take look at the average prices for a gallon of regular across our area. in pennsylvania drivers are paying average of 2.08. in new jersey $1.75 and in delaware, 1.81. well, it's official eagles have a new head coach. >> today the birds confirmed what everyone has been talking about for several days now. doug pederson will lead the team. >> eagles will introduce him to the media tomorrow. but sports direct don bell is here now with some reaction to the highering. >> well we've been waiting for while, right. >> yes. >> it feels like it's been a long time. three weeks and six candidates later and doug pederson is the man in charge. his resume is short, but he has long association with some of the greats. he was coached by hall of fame don shull land played along brett favre, dan marine known and donovan mcnabb. pederson arrived in town today on private jet greeted i eagles brass and then went to work at the novacare complex.
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over the last several days, many had picked apart his credentia credentials. remember, he's never been a head coach. and he was offensive coordinator for kansas read -- andy reid in kansas city. >> jeffrey lurie fires his head coach, pushes chip out of town. fine, that's his right. but there's no real obvious high profile candidates this year that people would get excited about. >> there's nobody out there you can jump out and say that's the guy. so we got one now. >> he can't be successful. this is a terrible hire. he won't succeed. he'll fall on his face is unfair and the extreme. we don't know what kind of coach he's going to be. he could turn out to be really good coach. >> we'll debt to see him tomorrow. doug pederson and the eagles hold a news conference you can watch it live at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs3. let the people know later on in sports, he's got to fill out a
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stat and he'll need strong personalities and some strong coaches. we'll talk about the possibilities for offensive coordinator and a defense coordinator for doug pederson. it will be key. >> see you then. >> tonight music world is mourning the loss of glenn fry a founding remember of the band the eagles. ♪ >> fry formed the eagles in los angeles in the early '70's with don henley. they would become a top act over the next decade. fry also had a successful solo career with hits including the heat is on and smugglers blues. he died today in new york after battling mull pell ailments including pneumonia. glenn fry was 67. strong winds and bitter cold made things extra difficult for firefighters battling a fire that destroyed a historic tavern in south jersey. flames broke out and side the hill crest tavern in bridgeton around 4:45 this morning. the fire reached three alarms. the tavern dates back to 1782
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and tonight it's a pile of rubble. we talk with one man who worked there. >> besides a job, it was my home away from home. it's where -- where is everyone came. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. no one was hurt. tonight the suspect in the deadly shooting at a north philadelphia homeless shelter is behind bars. 32 year old john brock turned himself in. police say brock snuck into the shelter sunday morning after being banned from entering. that's when police say he shot and killed one employee and critically injured another. police say brock targeted the two employees after they he is cored him out the previous day. >> he actually asked someone else are those two employees working? so he wanted to know were they working. he walk into the facility. as soon as he walks in, their station is as soon as you walk into the left. he turns and attempts to execute both of them as soon as he walks in. >> brock is expected to face murder and attempted murder charges. a suspect is in custody
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tonight in frightening a tack at a septa station. police say kenneth grimes pushed a woman on to the el tracks then pulled a knife threatening to kill her. it happened sunday morning at the 40th street station in west philly. the woman who suffered a broken shoulder made her way back on to the platform. >> this is very scary situation. i can't -- i can't imagine being in her shoes. >> it's scary. 'cause, you know, that could have been me. that could have been, you know, my child. >> grimes was later arrested at 30th street station. a new discovery in the search for the missing marines after last week's helicopter crash into the waters off hawa hawaii. authorities found three live rafts carried aboard but still no sign of the 12 crew members. among those on board, two are from pennsylvania. captain brian t. kennedy from malvern chester county and sergeant adam holer have from cardinals adams county. his family and friends say they're hopeful. >> a very caring, outgoing
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person that's just not enough words i could say. his heart is so big. >> authorities say the helicopters do carry black boxes but they've not yet been recovered. on this holiday there were many special ways thousands of across the region honored the martin luther king, jr. one community group took the opportunity to meet with philadelphia mayor jim kenney. "eyewitness news" at the arch street united methodist church. inter faith source power pray for mayor kenney and his new administration and then held an assembly at the church. the group advocates for change in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the st. katharine drexel church in chester the archdiocese philadelphia host add special prayer service. many gathered there to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. king. the commemorative service featured music from the philadelphia catholic mass choir. today day of service a lesson about paying it forward for local elementary school students. our viator woo ill shows how they work to transform their
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school plus as we reflect on the legacy of dr. king, we'll learn about the surprising roll he had on one of the most influential television series of all time. kate? >> and we are tracking the threat for snow, nothing you can see on the radar just yet. just lake effect stuff off to our north but after a frigid night an frigid start to your tuesday, by the end of the week a major snowstorm possible in philadelphia. i'll have the latest breaking details coming up. also, ahead tonight, nail biting concerns over nail polish. why new research is questioning the safe fee of the common cosmetic. >> and bannin banning donald tr british lawmakers debate whether the presidential hopeful should be allowed in the uk. that story and more when we come back.
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blitz british parm atlantic spent three hours debate whether or not they should ban donald trump in the kingdom. the petition is in response to trump's proposal to ban muslims from the u. many of the lawmakers slammed trump most argued the presidential hopeful should not be restricted from entering britain. renewed warnings about over prescribing antibiotics on health watch tonight. most other respiratory infections but they are prescribed for them all the ti time. that's created a growing problem of antibiotic resistance. the cdc warn that up to 50% of antibiotics for respiratory infections may be unnecessary. we asked a local expert why doctors keep prescribing them. >> because patience its patients expect them. not that antibiotics get rid of their symptoms, but people believe that they're going to get better with an antibiotic.
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>> the new recommendations include prescribing antibiotics only when schlep throat is confirmed and sinus infections that last more than 10 days or if severe symptoms last three days. safety concerns about nail polish tonight. a joint study by duke university and the environmental working group finds chemicals in some polishes can get inside your body. many nail polishes could taken a flam retardant called tphp and every woman tested had elevated levels of that chemical after they painted their nails. animal studies linked tphp to reproductive and development mental issues. inspired by the words and actions of dr. martin luther king, students and staff at one south philadelphia school spent their day off paying it forward. >> more than 100 volunteers gatheregathered this day of sero make their school a better place. vittoria woodill was there. happy martin luther king day! >> reporter: the time is always righted to right.
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dr. martin luther king, jr., set that on this day of service for the jackson school in south philly, the time to do right was exactly today right then and there >> tine 19 hands painting hands working hands and helping hands were all put to use by 150 volunteers. all of whom weren't asked to show up but did to but if i this 12th street element real schools so students could dream bigger and learn about life outside of their lesson plans. for the children the lesson is to it's just not always about you. it's about others and it's about your community it's about engaging in a purposeful event like this. >> reporter: lisa kaplan jackson school principal. >> i think it's great for the kids to see people coming out and doing something that is selfless. dr. king's words. it's important to serve.
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>> reporter: selflessness. an important subject that dr. king touched upon when he asked all of us what are you doing for others? >> i went to my classroom and help out and cleaned it up. >> sorting books. >> we did projects in our music room for our rock band. ♪ >> we did redid a couple of our flower boxes and broken down old bench. >> there's just tons and tons of project that is we're going on simultaneously. >> just simultaneou simultaneous dedicated community was making their school better and the world better, too. >> vittoria woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". the oldest living niece of philadelphia civil rights activist tour less tucker performed the symbolic of the liberty bell today. i was very happy and honored to preside over the event.
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many leaders delivered special remarks including governor tom wolf, mayor jim kenney and senator bob casey. interesting fact about dr. king. he was a huge star trek fan. many of remember actress michelle nichols. she became one of the first first black female actresses back in the day. she umps almost left the show to pursue broadway until dr. king convinced her to stay. she gave us that bit of information about her inspiring keynote speech today at rowan university. dr. king felt she was model for the community. >> isn't that interesting. i never knew that. >> you have to stay and the rest is history. >> learn something new every d day. >> all right. star trek, bring it back down to and talk about what's coming our way. possibly coming our way. >> possibly coming our way. we know it's cold outside. in the near term it is frigid tonight as we head into
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tomorrow. all eyes on the end of the week. really good zig nat the models computer models we look even this far out four days out very very consistent with just got the latest run in the gfs model came out five minutes ago. i was just looking at it another run with the snowstorm in the bank. you really have to sit up and pay attention to the potential of this storm toward the end of the week. let's start off with what's happening now. take new more details about that potential system. it's a clear cool night, cool doesn't even begin to sum it up, kate. frigid. it's very very cold outside. we've got winds gusting over 20 or 25 miles per hour making it feel like the single digits or near zero. you can really tell looking at that beautiful picture of center city all lit up. it is not a good night to be outside for any extended peer of time. tomorrow will look a lot like today. here's a time lapsed video of the day from leadership academy in philadelphia. clear skies, blue skies, few cumulus clouds in the afternoon you can be tricked into thinking it's a summer day. you step outside and feel
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winter's wrath and this is the worst of it this week winter certainly making itself known with the frigid air and the threat for a major winter storm. so again storm scan3 right now looking fine. we do have late effect banding happening over portions of new york state. nothing in our area. skies are clear. it's a beautiful night to look at again but it is outside. 18 right now in philadelphia. 8 degrees in mount pocono. 17 in millville. 20 down in wildwood and as you wake up tomorrow morning, here's what it will feel like. 7:00 a.m. look at mount pocono feeling like 12 below zero. feel like two here in philadelphia. like one in wilmington. so definitely a morning to heat up that car a little extra early gets the kids out to the bus stop don't make them stand out there for too long and make sure everything is covered. you need the gloves, the hat, the hat, the parka. it feels like 13 at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. let's move over to whatever one is talking about much this next storm i can't shoeff it to you on satellite/radar because it didn't even actually exist yet. energy from this system is right about here. it's near hawaii it's just a
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little shortwave moving that was if you go on my twitter feed i retweeted a picture of what this looks like. a little baby storm. it hasn't even come on shore yet. what wee need to wait for really for that storm to come on shore over the west coast. once it does, we can start sampling more accurate data from that storm and get a better read on what's going to do. here's one model input from this. this is the european model. this tends to be one of our most accurate models that we love to look at any time a winter storm threatens. this one by saturday morning has a bulls eye very heavy snow south and west of philadelphia. you can see that storm moving up the coast. now the question is, does it move far enough inland do we tap into that warm ocean water we get a change over to rain especially down the shore? latest good. fs has a mix over to sleet in philadelphia before more smo on the back edge. those are questions that will be answered once we fine tune the track of the storm but notice this large swath of snow from portions of virginia and west virginia all the way into new england that's what we're book looking at right now our
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percentage evenly distributed here with the greatest weight on heavy snow six to 12-inches. it could be higher or lower depending on the actual track of that storm. stay with us especially by wednesday a much better read where that storm is headed and what the actual track will be. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, it's very cold tomorrow. nos as bad wednesday and thursday. your timing on that latest storm late friday into much of the day saturday. so make your weekend plans accordingly. not time to panic just yet time to sit up and pay attention all models are agreeing four days out. >> don is over hear groaning. >> audible growing. >> not cool. very cold she said. wary talking sports. doug pederson is the coach for the philadelphia eagles who will be bringing to him with him? we have the latest on the birds and their new coaching staff next in sports.
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welcome back. in 2008 the phillies broke the
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city 25 year championship drought n year doug pederson was coaching high school football. now he's trying to bring philadelphia its second title this century. the eagles have confirmed that pederson is their new next head coach. now, he'll look for a cyst taints. former lions coach jim schwartz arrived in town this afternoon. you remember him. he almost got into a fight with jim harbaugh years ago over a post game hand shake. it looks like he's a strong candidate to be the team's defensive coordinator. now, schwartz runs four-three defense. eagles pro bowler fletcher cox happy about the hobble switch. did somebody say four-three or am i dreaming. great use of those emojis. meanwhile former buffalo bills quarterback reich will reporting the offensive coordinator this season he held the same position with the san diego chargers but was fired. pederson has no head coaching experience. experts at wip say that hiring a quality staff will be key.
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>> he needs to build a really really strong staff. critical for any head coach is to have good coordinators begun assistants, guys that can teach and develop young players. but i think it's on more important for a young head coach whose never been a head coach before he really needs to surround himself with guys who have a lot of experience who have been flew this before and guys that he can trust recent lie on. so the construction of his staff and the hiring his staff i think is vital in term of his long-term success. >> here's dougie fresh this morning at atlantic aviation getting ready to take over the reigns this is the first head coaching job for the 47-year-old from louisiana. all right. want to let you know eagles introduce pederson to the media tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. you can see it first press conference as head football coach of the eagles live right here on cbs3. all right. switchinswitching gears. mll mat tin knee the ncc the
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sixers taking on the 96 nick looking for theirs win against eastern conference opponent this season. six social security lose in double overtime 119-113. it was a great game but they're now zero-25 against the eastern conference. zero-25. >> oh, wait until neck year. we'll be all right. >> come on. >> mr. positive there. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> up next philly favorite grand
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chickie and pete's in south philly is legendary for their crab fries. >> no doubt about that. now you'll be able to get that taste at home with a bit of crunch. prepare yourself for crab fries flavored potato chips. hers is bringing the chips to the market. sometime in march. we're told they'll be at stores around southeastern pennsylvania and southern new jersey. keep an eye out. we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next the late show with
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steven colbert with patricia heat ton. >> good night, family. sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods, medication, and a healthy lifestyle. well, i recently met ken meares, a man with similar goals. he's the founder and c.e.o. of great healthworks and, for 25 years, has been active in creating and promoting good health. well, ken has developed and tested a product called omega xl. now, we've all heard about the benefits of a daily dose of


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